50 alaskan rifles

Thanks BallisticsGuy. I was under the impression that Lee Enfield rifles would not work without a complete redesign, same with the Siamese Mauser or even a Mosin Nagant even though I know of a few 45-70 Enfields, Siamese Mausers, and Mosin Nagant (Although I think that the Mosin was almost single feed only). 45-70 .608 rim diameter, 348 Winchester/50 Alaskan.

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Also specializes in customization of rifles, revolvers, and shotguns. Handcrafted, hard to find custom ammunition for big game hunting as well as target shooting. ... Aria can also re-chamber to many custom cartridges such as .50 Alaskan, .458 Winchester Magnum and 50-110 Express just to name a few. Please feel free to call and get a quote on.




The .50 Alaskan is a wildcat cartridge developed by Harold Johnson and Harold Fuller of the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska in the 1950s. Johnson based the cartridge on the .348 Winchester in order to create a rifle capable of handling the large bears in Alaska. Harold Johnson necked out the .348 Winchester case to accept a .510" diameter bullet, and Harold Fuller developed the.

I'd get the rifle and worry about the vernier sight later, if you ever get around to it. I have a nice one on my 50-140, but almost never flip it up and use it. ... and I just got a 375HH for my encorethen a buddy here in Afghanistan suggested the 50 Alaskan to me and that was pretty much it (I was asking for a cool odd ball cal for Alaskan.

GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is happy to announce the update and continuation of our more popular hunting rifles, our ALASKAN CLASSIC . ... We still build it in the 45-70, which is our most popular caliber but also build it in 50 Alaskan, 440 GNR, 450 GNR, 475 GNR and 476 GNR.